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Steve Walsh Collaborators - Paul Barrére

Expanding his musical directions, in 1983 Steve played keyboards on Little Feat guitarist Paul Barrère's album "On My Own Two Feet". At the time Steve listed Little Feat as one of his favorite bands.

Track List:

1.Sweet Coquette

2.High Roller

3.Fool For You

4.Love Sweet Love

5.Who Knows For Sure

6.She Lays Down The Beat

7.Fortune Cookie

8.Along This Lane


  • Paul Barrére - Guitar, Vocals

  • Andy West - Bass

  • Bobby LaKind - Percussion

  • Keith Knudsen - Vocals

  • T Lavitz - Keyboards

  • Bill Payne - Keyboards

  • Steve Walsh - Keyboards

  • Rod Morgenstein - Drums

  • Lee Thornburg - Horns

  • David Stout - Horns

  • Greg Smith - Horn

You can see Paul on tour with bandmates Fred Tackett and Craig Fuller

Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 8 PM in Cincinnati, OH

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