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Steve Walsh Collaborators - Steve Morse

Dixie Dregs guitar virtuoso Steve Morse first teamed up with Steve Walsh on Schemer-Dreamer. Morse did the guitar parts on Wait Until Tomorrow, the album closer.

Photos by: Marie Routh / Schemer-Dreamer album insert

Photos by: Marie Routh

Six years later, Walsh rejoined Kansas and tapped Steve Morse for guitar duties along with original members Rich Williams and Drummer Phil Ehart. Billy Greer of Steve's band Streets also joined for the Kansas comeback album Power.

Power climbed to US #35, with the song All I Wanted getting significant airplay on radio and MTV - it reached US #19 and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks #10, Adult Contemporary #14 and the Canadian Singles Chart #75. The song was written by Walsh and Morse.

Power track listing

1."Silhouettes In Disguise" Steve Walsh, Steve Morse 4:26

2."Power" Randy Goodrum, Steve Morse, Steve Walsh 4:25

3."All I Wanted" Steve Walsh, Steve Morse 3:20

4."Secret Service" John Aclin, Ron Miller, Morse, Walsh 4:42

5."We're Not Alone Anymore" Steve Walsh, Steve Morse 4:16

6."Musicatto" Steve Walsh, Steve Morse 3:30

7."Taking In the View" Steve Walsh, Steve Morse 3:06

8."Three Pretenders" Billy Greer, Morse, Walsh 3:50

9."Tomb 19" Steve Walsh, Steve Morse 3:46

10."Can't Cry Anymore" Tim Smith, Van Temple 4:01

Morse stayed with Kansas for another landmark album, In the Spirit of Things produced by Bob Ezrin who also produced Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel and Alice Cooper among others. Walsh and Morse wrote the bulk of the songs on that album.

In the Spirit of Things track listing

  1. "Ghosts" (Bob Ezrin, Steve Morse, Steve Walsh) – 4:18

  2. "One Big Sky" (Phil Ehart, M. Ehmig, Ezrin, H. Kleinfeld, Walsh) – 5:17

  3. "Inside of Me" (Morse, Walsh) – 4:42

  4. "One Man, One Heart" (Dann Huff, Mark Spiro) – 4:20

  5. "House on Fire" (Ehart, Ezrin, Morse, Walsh) – 4:42

  6. "Once in a Lifetime" (Antonina Armato, Albert Hammond, Dennis Morgan) – 4:14

  7. "Stand Beside Me" (Bruce Gaitsch, Marc Jordan) – 3:28

  8. "I Counted on Love" (Morse, Walsh) – 3:33

  9. "The Preacher" (Morse, Walsh) – 4:18

  10. "Rainmaker" (Ezrin, Morse, Walsh) – 6:44

  11. "T.O. Witcher" (Morse) – 1:39

  12. "Bells of Saint James" (Morse, Walsh) – 5:39

Morse reunited with Kansas in February of 2009 for the concert in Topeka, KS which was made into a dvd, There's Know Place Like Home.

Photo by: Laurie Larson

Steve Morse will be on tour this summer with Deep Purple:


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