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The distinguished vocals of Steve Walsh are woven into the soundtrack of now three generations, over 30 million fans, with songs like Carry

When They Call Out Your Name... Say it Loud and Clear

How can I begin to thank Steve Walsh for his contributions? Writing a book about a legend and a pillar in your musical world is a daunting task. Not only because you want to make sure it rises to his level of expertise and that his point of view leads the way; but also how fans perceive and appreciate him - and where those points intersect. Steve Walsh has dedicated his life to his craft and is a musical hero to not just me, but to now generations of loyal fans and brand new enthusiasts. This book features Steve in his own words, statements from his peers, and accolades from radio icons who played and cherished his music on the airwaves. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone w


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