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Words From Radio

Words from Washington DC's legendary DJ Cerphe Colwell, who discovered many artists, including Bruce Springsteen: Being a fan of progressive music, I played lots of it on my Washington, DC radio shows on WHFS, WAVA and DC101. New, one-of-a-kind adventurous, free-form bands and artists were always on our radar and Kansas with Steve Walsh got my attention from the very beginning. Steve is one of those tremendously innovative and gifted musicians who blends genres and creates brilliance. When I first heard him on songs like 'Carry On Wayward Son', 'Point of Know Return,' and 'Dust In The Wind,' he incorporated elements of prog rock, classical, atmospheric, tonal paintings, hard rock and classic

Steve Walsh Collaborators - Paul Barrére

Expanding his musical directions, in 1983 Steve played keyboards on Little Feat guitarist Paul Barrère's album "On My Own Two Feet". At the time Steve listed Little Feat as one of his favorite bands. Track List: 1.Sweet Coquette 2.High Roller 3.Fool For You 4.Love Sweet Love 5.Who Knows For Sure 6.She Lays Down The Beat 7.Fortune Cookie 8.Along This Lane Personnel Paul Barrére - Guitar, Vocals Andy West - Bass Bobby LaKind - Percussion Keith Knudsen - Vocals T Lavitz - Keyboards Bill Payne - Keyboards Steve Walsh - Keyboards Rod Morgenstein - Drums Lee Thornburg - Horns David Stout - Horns Greg Smith - Horn You can see Paul on tour with bandmates Fred Tackett and Craig Fuller Saturday, May

Steve Walsh Collaborators - Joel Kosche

Joel lists Kansas as one of his progressive rock influences. Kosche was in Jovian Storm, he fronted the band Steep, and became the lead guitarist for the rock band Collective Soul. In 2007, Joel played guitar on Steve Walsh's solo tracks Dark Day and Faule dr Roane. The tracks were released by MusicAndVideo.TV/Brandon Productions A year later those two tracks appeared on Prog Rock Records re-release of Steve's Shadowman album as two bonus tracks. Joel Kosche also asked Steve to sing on his first solo album, The Fight Years. Both Steve with Kansas and Joel with Collective Soul were inducted into

Steve Walsh Collaborators - Steve Morse

Dixie Dregs guitar virtuoso Steve Morse first teamed up with Steve Walsh on Schemer-Dreamer. Morse did the guitar parts on Wait Until Tomorrow, the album closer. Photos by: Marie Routh Six years later, Walsh rejoined Kansas and tapped Steve Morse for guitar duties along with original members Rich Williams and Drummer Phil Ehart. Billy Greer of Steve's band Streets also joined for the Kansas comeback album Power. Power climbed to US #35, with the song All I Wanted getting significant airplay on radio and MTV - it reached US #19 and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks #10, Adult Contemporary #14 and the Canadian Singles Chart #75. The song was written by Walsh and Morse. Power track listing 1."Silh

What the World's Best Keyboard Maker has to Say About Steve

"I've ALWAYS used Kurzweil gear, beginning with the K2VX, and now the K2661. The whole Kurzweil line has never let me down for reliability at any of my major concerts. I go back a long way with Kurzweil, and it's great to see this company continually bringing about great changes to an already great line-up." -Steve Walsh, keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter/producer BIO Steve Walsh has left an important mark in popular music, yet instead of resting on his laurels he continues to push his creativity. This spark has guided him throughout his career with the bands Kansas and Streets and as a solo artist. The keyboardist/ vocalist/ songwriter/ producer is best known for his visionary work with Kansa

Rock Meets Classic Finale, Last Year in April

The 8th Edition of the Original Rock Meets Classic featured Steve Walsh to kick it off, he also played in the middle and the encore featuring the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Prague. This three hour concert traveled to several cities in Germany in April 2016.

40 Years Ago Today

Leftoverture, produced by Jeff Glixman, is the band's commercial breakthrough. It hits US #5 and is a million-seller, going platinum. Carry On Wayward Son is Kansas' US Singles Chart debut at #11, April. 11, 1977.

Glossolalia Interview and Review

Steve Walsh is one of America’s consummate vocal treasures; that status is assured. But he is also a man that is a true creator, an artist, a shaper of sounds and an almost literary, cinematic portrayer of life’s terrains. Walsh has seen many of these terrains, from vantage points above, below and perceptively within, and his ability to bring them to life for his listeners is a gift of sensory completeness. “Glossolalia”, the man’s first solo album in two decades, focuses years of hard-fought rock ‘n’ roll wisdom, creating a canvas that mirrors this ability to look at all strata and indeed all time, and make sense out of a life that can often be seen as surreal and meaningless. Steve Walsh’s

Shadowman Reviews Prog Rock Records has compiled some of the reviews for Shadowman: ...The first song puts the pedal to the medal right away. "Rise" is a prog-metal blast similar to what Dream Theater would do. Its heavy guitar licks, courtesy of Joel Kosche (Collective Soul), inspire Walsh to "Rise" to the occasion, summoning every ounce of energy and soul that he has to start the album with some major fireworks. It does not end there, there are seven more tracks to sink your teeth into, and it is all vintage Walsh. "Keep on Knockin’" is an inspired classic rocker; it has some heavy duty chops applied to it with Walsh belting out the lyrics full ste


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