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Steve Walsh Collaborators - Joel Kosche

Joel lists Kansas as one of his progressive rock influences.

Kosche was in Jovian Storm, he fronted the band Steep, and became the lead guitarist for the rock band Collective Soul.

In 2007, Joel played guitar on Steve Walsh's solo tracks Dark Day and Faule dr Roane. The tracks were released by MusicAndVideo.TV/Brandon Productions

A year later those two tracks appeared on Prog Rock Records re-release of Steve's Shadowman album as two bonus tracks.

Joel Kosche also asked Steve to sing on his first solo album, The Fight Years.

Both Steve with Kansas and Joel with Collective Soul were inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, other inductees include Ray Charles, the Allman Brothers, Otis Redding and the Black Crowes.

Joel Kosche will be performing at 500 Songs For Kids today, Saturday, April 22, 2017. Each donation connects another sick child at a children's hospital with a Songs For Kids musician.

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