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Jim Shea Photography

Jim Shea has also taken amazing portraits of Steve Walsh, especially from the Power album days. We are excited to have his work in the 2nd Edition of When They Call Out Your Name! From Rock Paper Photo: A New York native, Jim Shea began his photography career in advertising. Jim’s work soon led him to Los Angeles where he began photographing celebrities for the entertainment industry. His images soon began to appear on album covers, movie posters and in publications such as Rolling Stone and Interview Magazine.Rod Stewart, Aerosmith, Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Elton John and the Eagles are among the iconic recording artists he has photographed.Photography ha

Chuck Sillery Photography

The photographer for Steve Walsh's first solo album and label promo photos was Chuck Sillery. Besides being a photographer, he's an artist, graphic designer and videographer. His work spans now four decades... We are so excited to have Chuck's photography in the 2nd Edition of "When They Call Out Your Name"! Check out some of Chuck's other work here - his No Wave Portrait Series:

Robby Steinhardt Photo by Cindy Steinhardt Robby's words and contributions are some of the very special things about the upcoming second edition of When They Call Out Your Name. Catch Robby live this Saturday night, at Whiskey Wings in St. Petersburg, FL. (10400 Roosevelt Blvd N) from 7pm to 11pm. It's Stormbringer/Robby Steinhardt and the Music of Kansas for the Harbor Bar Dave Barr Patriot Run. Photo by Cindy Steinhardt

Glen Wexler Photography You've already seen and admired his work - not just a photographer but an artist as well, Glen Wexler has been an album cover go to guy for 4 decades now. Yes, Boston, Peter Frampton, Missing Persons, Rush, Kiss, Van Halen, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson and our favorite... Kansas have all called on him to photograph the band and create album covers. In the second edition reprint of the book, "When They Call Out Your Name" about Steve Walsh - Glen Wexler's photos will be featured! This is very exciting as Glen photographed Steve during the time Steve's favorite album came out, "In the Spirit of Things". You can check out Glen's work in person at an exhibit in Pa


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