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Glen Wexler Photography

You've already seen and admired his work - not just a photographer but an artist as well, Glen Wexler has been an album cover go to guy for 4 decades now.

Yes, Boston, Peter Frampton, Missing Persons, Rush, Kiss, Van Halen, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson and our favorite... Kansas have all called on him to photograph the band and create album covers. In the second edition reprint of the book, "When They Call Out Your Name" about Steve Walsh - Glen Wexler's photos will be featured! This is very exciting as Glen photographed Steve during the time Steve's favorite album came out, "In the Spirit of Things".

You can check out Glen's work in person at an exhibit in Palm Springs, CA. It's the first in a series of “Electric Light Drawings” at Janssen Art Space coming this October during Modernism Week. “Two Cats” is an assemblage from an experimental project created during Glen's first year at Art Center College of Design in 1977. The project involved a series of time exposures of computer-controlled laser light made on Kodachrome film. The light was generated from the krypton laser equipment used to create the light show effects at concerts by the Electric Light Orchestra.

We hope to have copies of the Steve Walsh book ready by September 30th, and will start accepting pre-orders Saturday, September 7th. Watch this link:

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