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Steve Walsh Collaborators - Steve Hackett

In May of 1978, ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett released his 2nd Solo album, Please Don't Touch. The album was remastered in 2005. Here is a quote from Steve Hackett: "I recorded it in Los Angeles with many friends including Ritchie Havens. I wanted to make a record which was a cross between white English music and American black music, and I worked with several people who managed to make that possible. I wanted to do an album which was a combination of as many different kinds of music as possible. For that I remember an album called “The rock machine loves you” that CBS put out in the 1960’s, it was a big hit. I wanted my album to sound like a sampler of different artists, so I made i

May You Rock

In May of 1975, Song For America charted at US #57, earning at the time a gold disk for over a half a million sales. Song For America was recorded in Hollywood at Wally Heider Studios, where a significant number of Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 500 albums were recorded. In the same year Kansas was in the studio, they also recorded albums for Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, Weather Report, The Tubes and Rod Stewart. Producer Jeff Glixman, stated, "Kansas recorded Song For America without multi-tracking each individual instrument, they wanted to record as an ensemble. It was never pieced together." Steve and Jeff Glixman sharing a laugh behind the scenes in Pittsburgh, 2013 for the 40th Anniver


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