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May You Rock

In May of 1975, Song For America charted at US #57, earning at the time a gold disk for over a half a million sales. Song For America was recorded in Hollywood at Wally Heider Studios, where a significant number of Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 500 albums were recorded. In the same year Kansas was in the studio, they also recorded albums for Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, Weather Report, The Tubes and Rod Stewart. Producer Jeff Glixman, stated, "Kansas recorded Song For America without multi-tracking each individual instrument, they wanted to record as an ensemble. It was never pieced together."

Steve and Jeff Glixman sharing a laugh behind the scenes in Pittsburgh, 2013 for the 40th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Concert. - Photos by: Laurie Larson


Steve Walsh – organ, ARP and Moog synthesizers, lead vocals (except on Down the Road), backing vocals on Down the Road and Lonely Street, piano on Down the Road

Robby Steinhardt – violin, backing vocals, lead vocals on Down the Road

Kerry Livgren – electric and rhythm guitars (except on Song for America and Lamplight Symphony), Moog and ARP synthesizers, ARP strings, piano (except on Down the Road)

Rich Williams – electric, acoustic, and rhythm guitars

Dave Hope – bass guitar

Phil Ehart – drums, glockenspiel on Song for America, Moog drum and gong on Incomudro - Hymn to the Atman


Producers: Jeff Glixman, Wally Gold

Engineer: Peter Granet

Mastering: Tom Rabstenek

Preparation: Don Meehan

Arranger: Kansas

Art direction: Ed Lee

Painting: Peter Lloyd

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