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When They Call Out Your Name... Say it Loud and Clear

How can I begin to thank Steve Walsh for his contributions? Writing a book about a legend and a pillar in your musical world is a daunting task. Not only because you want to make sure it rises to his level of expertise and that his point of view leads the way; but also how fans perceive and appreciate him - and where those points intersect. Steve Walsh has dedicated his life to his craft and is a musical hero to not just me, but to now generations of loyal fans and brand new enthusiasts.

This book features Steve in his own words, statements from his peers, and accolades from radio icons who played and cherished his music on the airwaves. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who graciously consented to be interviewed for this book and whose names appear throughout its pages.

Thank you to Neal Preston for writing the foreword, one of his iconic photographs adorns the cover, and his fantastic photos are throughout this book! Thank you to James Lowe of the Electric Prunes for his words, as the Electric Prunes debut album was the 1st one ever purchased by Steve. Thank you to Jay Siegel of the Tokens for his thoughts. Thank you to Jim Roberts and Shawn Gordon for all they have done to help Steve and I! Thank you to David Spero for his help and guidance.Thank you to Steve Hackett who was the 1st to provide his insight and thanks to his photographer Armando Gallo. Most of all thank you to Billy Greer for his contributions to the book. Thank you to Kerry Livgren and all the members of Kansas for their music, and thanks to the fans...This is for you! Cover Photos: Neal Preston, back photos and photo art: Neal Preston and Laurie Larson. Graphics and layout: Laurie Larson © 2018

It started out as - I really should do a better job of labeling and saving my photos. In the course of 15 years I realized I now had thousands of photos I had taken of Steve Walsh and Kansas. I was really shocked and honored when Kansas used a photo of mine in their amazing documentary, Miracles Out of Nowhere. I thought well, maybe my photos are alright then. Started this website for Steve in 2002 (actually there was a massive page for Steve attached to the website I made for the radio station I worked at in the mid-90s when html was so new and cutting edge ha ha.) I had to come up with constant content. With Steve's kind emails to me also I realized there is more than enough here for a book. When I first asked Steve if he was interested, I was pretty sure he wasn't. When I asked again he really, really wasn't ha ha. Me being the stubborn person I am asked again, but this time I just did it... and if he said no, then hey, at least maybe he would see it as a compliment, I'd have a bunch of content for the website for another ten years - finally my photos would be labeled properly.

The problem with the book it seemed to me though was I only have photos of Steve from the 2000s.

Had no idea I would meet Neal Preston, and well that problem was solved instantly. Besides being endlessly talented, Neal is a terrific person with the best taste in music... a true connoisseur!

He sent me things I had never seen before, I hope you will enjoy seeing Neal's work! Thank you to Armando Gallo for his photos and to David Carstens for his as well! Special thanks to Phil Ehart... and most of all thanks to Steve Walsh! Wrote a song about Steve called Endless Thank You Loop - and well that says it all!

||: Thank you Steve :||

You can pre-order the book here, ships August 31

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