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Words From Radio

Words from Washington DC's legendary DJ Cerphe Colwell, who discovered many artists, including Bruce Springsteen:

Being a fan of progressive music, I played lots of it on my Washington, DC radio shows on WHFS, WAVA and DC101. New, one-of-a-kind adventurous, free-form bands and artists were always on our radar and Kansas with Steve Walsh got my attention from the very beginning.

Steve is one of those tremendously innovative and gifted musicians who blends genres and creates brilliance. When I first heard him on songs like 'Carry On Wayward Son', 'Point of Know Return,' and 'Dust In The Wind,' he incorporated elements of prog rock, classical, atmospheric, tonal paintings, hard rock and classical. I've always appreciated this level of originality and I recently relistened and rediscovered some of Steve's signature work. It stands the test of time. Great stuff !!

Cerphe has a new book out chronicling the best years of Radio and Rock and Roll. Read the book reviews on Amazon at

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